Another way to get free books

Okay, so I’ve taken only two whole days off this summer but one of them was already spent very well. Worldwide there are over 40.000 Little Free Library‘s (click to search in your country) but in Belgium they are not very widespread yet. But for once, luck was on my side and I found out there is not one but two of them close by. That called for a closer inspection.

The idea is very simple, for each book you take you put another in its place. For the CoHo lovers among us, I have even seen that she put some of her books in one of these.

Armed with a few books of my own I made my way and found this Cute Little Free Library (as they should name it). I don’t know what I was expecting, I tried not to have any big expectations, but I really didn’t think it would be this full.

It didn’t really have anything that I would really pick (it’s all in Dutch, a few in French and one in German so you don’t have to take too close of a look) but I wanted to take one with me no matter what so I took one from Nicci Gerard.

The first one:



This is the second one:

From the second one I took the book on the left from Jasmine Cresswell.

I love the concept! And now that I’ve seen these I so want one of these in my own front yard. Only problem is that I don’t really have a front yard, so I’ll have to figure that one out yet but I so so so so want one. I would probably look every few days if someone – a fellow book lover – has come by and left something ;-).

In case you are wondering, yes everybody can have a Little Free Library. Either you buy one on their site and then the registration plaque is already included in the price and your location added to their map. Or you build one yourself (there really are a lot of original ones out there) and just purchase their registration and you put it on the map yourself so others can find you.

Has anyone else ever exchanged books through a Little Free Library? Any thoughts?

32 thoughts on “Another way to get free books

  1. Little free libraries are AWESOME! I saw the concept of it a few years ago right before they were going to close the library down here due to lack of funding. One of the reasons I moved into my current house is that this particular library is about 15m away from my front door. I was able to wave at the librarians from my living room. Yet when they closed it, I thought having a Little Free library in my front yard would be an amazing alternative. And then as I was walking to my parents, I noticed someone else had already put one up, about a 30-second walk from here :). Awesomeness. It’s the same as with the first one up here though, lots of Dutch and German books that aren’t really very interesting to me. So I might still have to set up one myself in the end ;).

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    • Lucky you, first living so close to a library and then a Little Free Library right there around the corner. I wonder though if you put English books in them, they’d be traded for other English books. I can live with the alternative though as long as they’re not ancient books (there were a few I have to admit).

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      • Looking at the local population, they probably won’t ;). I don’t mind if the books in it are Dutch per se, but most of them are ‘streekroman’ ish…


  2. I’m in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States and there are several Little Free Libraries spread out throughout the city, especially downtown. The only problem is that every one that I’ve stopped at, never has any books in it. Maybe a couple. The photos you posted looks like that Little Library was stuffed with some good books!


    • Yes the first one really had some interesting titles (two of them I already had) but not really any crime. But I do intend to go back, it’s still a little bit of a surprise every time you open it, and it might make me read something I wouldn’t necessarily buy otherwise. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing your experience! A pity there aren’t more books in yours. Not a lot of readers around then or don’t they bother sharing?

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      • I’m not sure which it is, honestly. I’m hoping it’s not the case of no readers, but it’s possible. Maybe a lot of people are unaware that they exist or what they are for. I need to find a way to spread the word.


  3. I have seen a couple of them in Bordeaux, and I added a book to the nearest one from my home. I know the park in which it has been set is visited by English speaking people because there’s an international school around the corner, and all of my books being in English, it was the perfect spot to share.


  4. I’ve really been tempted by all the reviews of Saving Sophie but so far I’ve managed to resist but I fear my resolve won’t last much longer. I love the idea of the free libraries but we don’t have one here – maybe I should start one?


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