9 reasons why I don’t really like my birthday 

I’m on the same page with Jenny and maybe some others are as well?

Jenny in Neverland

This is going to sound like a super weird post and I bet you’re probably all thinking, “wth jenny?” at the title. It’s not clickbait, I 100% mean it, I don’t like my own birthday. I mean obviously when I was younger in Primary School and had swimming parties and McDonalds parties and bouncy castles and the works, birthdays rocked. I wanted it to be my birthday every day! Actually tell a lie, I didn’t, I would always get overwhelmed with all the people and just want a quiet half an hour to myself but you get my gist. Birthday’s were brilliant. Friends, cake, food, presents, balloons, parties. But as I got older, I had a huge change of heart. I distinctly remember spending the first few hours of my 16th birthday in bed crying. So here’s a super sad list of reasons why I don’t really like my own…

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17 thoughts on “9 reasons why I don’t really like my birthday 

  1. I don’t think I hate my birthday but I do get all the reasons that she listed. Getting older and especially realizing that I still haven’t achieved so much is scary. This became even scarier when I hit 30. I do like cake though: D

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  2. I don’t like my birthday simply because of all the attention you suddenly get. Especially at work – which is why I made sure I was on holiday, haha. Last year the whole department felt the need to come to me and wish me a happy birthday and I was ready to start freaking out by the time half of them came and went.
    I’d rather do as I did last week and be at home all day with my boyfriend, doing absolutely nothing but reading, annoying one another and simply enjoy the quiet.
    [Gifts are the fun part, though. Especially of those few friends that acknowledge my book addiction, haha.]

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    • I’ve taken the week off :-). I don’t like those kisses and the interrogation what you got and what your plans are as if it’s got to be big and all…and even though I don’t like birthdays, I don’t working on my birthday either:-). I’m sorry I missed your birthday but a happy belated birthday from me, from a safe distance ;-). I know, I like gifs and texts and all too!

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  3. I genuinely forgot my birthday this year. If my husband hadn’t brought it up it would have gone by unnoticed. After a certain age birthdays just lose their entertainment value and just make you, well, think too much. I say that as I sit here and plan a shindig for an almost 4 year old. She, however, will love her birthday.

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    • I get that although if everyone would forget it and I wouldn’t receive one single wish I wouldn’t be all too happy about it either. Birthdays are great when you are little though because you don’t think about what is lost already, time and opportunities… I wonder at what age the shine is worn off.. I think it happened after I turned 30 for me.. the crazy years of being 20 definitely gone :-). I hope your little one enjoys her birthday very much though, those years are so precious!


    • Happy birthday love! I know what you mean, those little gestures are wonderful. It’s a good thing you don’t ponder too much about the past and what could have been already and only look towards the future. You still have many years to come and the world is still very much full of opportunities for you. You’re in a good place in your head now so I’m really happy for you!


  4. Completely agree with Jenny on this one! I don’t mind getting older, but I hate the attention and the pressure of having a birthday event! At the same time, if I don’t have an event on my birthday, I feel terrible. It is a lose-lose situation :’)

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  5. I am a bit of both, I don’t like my birthday for some of the same reasons, lack of achievement, pressure to be doing expected things but I also love my birthday because it usually turns into a few day affair, I always make sure I’m not working and I make sure to treat myself because sometimes I need a day where I can feel super about being myself 🙂

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