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Today it is my great pleasure to be joining the blog tour for A Gift For Dying, the brand new standalone thriller by M.J. Arlidge. My thanks go to publishers Michael Joseph who provided an advance copy of the book for review and tour organiser Tracy Fenton!


Adam Brandt is a forensic psychologist, well used to dealing with the most damaged members of society.

But he’s never met anyone like Kassie.

The teenager claims to have a terrible gift – with one look into your eyes, she can see when and how you will die.

Obviously, Adam knows Kassie must be insane. But then a serial killer hits the city. And only Kassie seems to know where he’ll strike next.

Against all his intuition, Adam starts to believe her.

He just doesn’t realise how deadly his faith might prove…

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I was thrilled to be invited for the blog tour of A Gift for Dying. I’m running a bit behind reading the DI Helen Grace novels so I’m ever so happy with this standalone.

The novel has short and snappy chapters and I was continually tempted to read one more chapter. Kassie certainly had a firm hold on my thoughts and even when it’s not a thin book, it was definitely an easy and fast read.

What I enjoyed most of all in the novel was the uncertainty relating to Kassie’s ability (I’m not sure you could call it a gift really). She claims she can foresee someone’s death quite well when she looks people in the eyes. Adam Brandt, the forensic psychologist who is called in to assess Kassie doesn’t believe her in first instance. He’s the voice of rational thinking and he’s seen quite a lot of people with delusions in his years of experience. He was playing the devil on my shoulder with Kassie on the other side.

She continually asks Brandt to believe her and I really felt for her, but like him, I was also very sceptical. Believing her would also come with a terrifying consequence. You see, there’s one helluva revalation in the first half of the novel which hangs over the rest of the novel and made it quite difficult to believe Kassie. I actually didn’t want to believe her at all. Don’t worry if this sounds strange, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it! I always had it in the back of my mind, even if I wanted to I couldn’t forget about it! Could she be speaking the truth or is she simply insane, or perhaps there’s someone close to her using her? Aah how wonderful to be kept guessing… Brandt feels protective of Kassie but at the same time she’s seriously incriminating herself because it all comes back to her and the police are not buying her story.

I said it before but I’ll say it again because it really doesn’t always work for me the way it did this time but I loved the paranormal angle. If you’re not a big fan of these threads, you can still enjoy this. Besides that he also satisfies readers who love a bit of heartbreak and drama as well as every die hard triller fan by inserting an emotional and touching plotline and not holding back on a few gruesome murders :-). The novel shocked me too but the weird part is that it wasn’t even these aforementioned murders that surprised me most. He sure knows how to write a twist! I’m sure this novel will please readers of all genres.

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32 thoughts on “A Gift for Dying by M.J. Arlidge #BlogTour #BookReview

  1. Oooh, a standalone!
    I started the series (DI Helen something) written by the author but of course i fallen behind. I did like it though, so i’m defo checking this out. Yay for short & snappy chapters 🙂

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  2. Great review, Inge. I haven’t read anything by Arlidge but been meaning to check out the crime thriller series. Glad to hear that this one is a entertaining standalone even with the paranormal aspects.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment :-). I love that I was led by a professional who doesn’t simply accept it, but has difficulty with dismissing her gift as well. It’s clever to have written it this way. I’m not a fan of these kind of gifts normally but it really worked for me here. Thank you again!!

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    • I can’t believe you have not yet discovered this great author either! He’s got a truly great series with a kick-ass detective who has a special side to her 🙂 and I’m sure you’d be hooked once you start those. I’m not a fan of paranormal angles either but it helps that it isn’t presented as a fact in this novel but it’s totally open for debate. I wasn’t feeling all alone with my doubts :-). Thank you sweetie!!

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      • Pfft. As if I had talent. I´m winging this whole thing as I go. Been winging it for longer than I like to admit and STILL haven´t found out how to properly write. But thank you for thinking so. ❤ reading that goes down like butter ( that´s an awful translation of a german saying: Es geht runter wie butter ) 🙂 But- I do think you have a better way with words. The last review of your I read I was thinking " gosh, so soothing. So informative. What the hell am I doing wrong?" Lol. ❤

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      • Don’t put yourself down, you do, you have lots of talent and you should be sooo proud of your blog and your posts. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing! Seriously, if you’re winging it, you’re doing a really great job! Oh I like that saying, I’ll have to remember it, I’m sure I can use it in a conversation and astound everyone :-). Some reviews are just easier to write than others, especially if I had very positive or negative feelings about them, then there are books that are ok reads but I don’t really know what to say about them without giving spoilers, it all depends. I’m not proud of every review I write but it’s ok, it’ll be forgotten by everyone soon enough and then there’s a different review that’s hopefully better :-). We can only do our best.


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